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uFMOD is an XM player library written in assembly language. It's perfect for size- and speed-critical applications, click free, highly reliable, easy to use, open source, multiplatform. Usage examples available for many compilers.

Main Features:

  • Extremely small size. Probably the tinyest XM library of all. It requires very little dynamic memory to run.
  • High speed. It is able to perform smoothly even in veeeeery slow environments, like QEMU boxes, where most other players die from "buffer starvation".
  • HiFi playback. uFMOD supports all standard XM effects and many non-standard. It uses linear interpolation and channel swapping to avoid clicks. Sampling rate: 22.05, 44.1 and 48 KHz for optimal performance on modern hardware.
  • Support for ADPCM-compressed samples.
  • Support for stripped XM files, which are smaller than regular XM files.
  • Support for up to 64 channels.
  • High reliability. It is safe to attempt playing damaged or otherwise corrupt XM files - uFMOD won't crash.
  • Driver-independent volume control, pause/resume and other features for crossplatform development. The exactly same API is available for all of the supported platforms.
  • Dependency-free. No additional libraries are needed. For instance, the Linux/OSS version is completely static and doesn't even require the LIBC library. Win32 version don't use any CRT code either.
Platforms: Win32 Linux FreeBSD KolibriOS
Drivers: WINMM, DirectX DirectSound, OpenAL, OSS, ALSA, Infinity Sound
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